When We are Elders

Read by Members of TAAV at 12th Annual Yukegtaaraat Celebration, April 12, 2014

When we are elders

There will be enough fish for everyone.

We will see more wildlife animals

And no more pollution and smog.

There will be no abuse.

There will be no more drug and alcohol use and other bad stuff.

There will be healthier families, people, and food.

This will be a healthier place.

I will teach people how to Yup’ik dance

And how to sing Yup’ik songs, too.

We will pick berries from the tundra,

Make akutaq and eat dry fish.

We will tell stories.

And I will know the elders’ wisdom.

We will be in healthy relationships,

and respect and care for each other.

I am not an elder, but one day I hope that I will be as wise and aware

As the elders that have been chosen as Yukegtaaraat.


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