Mental Health Resources

Capacitor Tool Kit: Check out some of these emergency response tools for wellbeing. Tool kit includes information on breath work, tai chi, finger holds, emotional freedom techniques, head neck shoulder release, acupressure and trauma healing.

Taking Control Where You Can: A good short resource that shares some concrete ways to redirect anxiety and take back control in uncertain times.

Self-Co-regulation: A resource on addressing trauma through co-regulation during times when being in the physical presence of others may not be possible.

Quick Coping for Anxiety and Fatigue: A resource using some easy-to-remember acronyms to help cope with anxiety and fatigue.

Compassion Meditation– shared by TWC’s clinician, Shelly Andrews

Below is a compassion meditation, which can put positive energy out and bring peace in.

While focusing on your breathing-
– Inhale slow (count of 4) and exhale slow (count of 4). That’s one cycle.
– Say aloud or silently with each breath cycle:
“May all beings be safe”- one cycle  
“May all beings be healthy”-one cycle
   “May all beings live with ease”-one cycle
   “May all beings be happy”-one cycle
– Repeat 3 times or more. Then focus on breath cycles.

Wheel of Emotions – helpful for identifying and naming specific emotions that you might be feeling. The first step towards addressing problems can be identifying how they make you feel, more precisely than “good” or “bad” or “happy” or “sad.”

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