Teens Lead Ahead

Teens Lead Ahead (TLA) is a leadership and empowerment camp for youth (7th-12 grade) living in the YK Delta. To a large extent, TLA is planned, organized, and lead by Teens Acting Against Violence (TAAV) members. TLA is based on the model of Lead On: For Peace and Equality in Alaska — a state wide leadership conference for youth across Alaska. For more information about Lead On and other Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (ANDVSA) sponsored youth opportunities, visit www.andvsa.org.

Teens Lead Ahead is in its fourth year, and general themes for the camp include respect towards others, elders, environment etc., subsistence culture, youth leadership, community planning and suicide prevention. TLA takes place during the summer over a period of 4 days and 3 nights — one full day and night of that being spent at fish camp. There are guest speakers, youth presentations and other fun activities. Teens Lead Ahead is a collaborative effort between TAAV members, TWC staff, our community partners (AVCP, ONC, YKHC, Public Health, LKSD, ANDVSA), and volunteers!

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