Individual Assistance Grants

The application period for Bethel COVID-19 Grants to Individuals and Households is open.

Bethel households that need assistance with expenses as a result of COVID-19-related loss of income or economic hardship will be eligible to apply.

Applications from individuals and households residing in Bethel will be given priority. Individuals who work in Bethel or stay in Bethel for extended periods of time, but officially reside in another community, may also apply.

COVID-19 Individual and Household Assistance Grants are available through funds provided by the Federal CARES Act. There is a limited amount of money available and the total amount of money is close to being fully spent. This is a first come, first serve system and when the money is spent, the program will close.  If there are additional funds made possible through new Federal Stimulus packages, TWC will announce accordingly.  
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