COVID-19 Grants for Individual and Household Assistance in Bethel, AK

TWC’S Grant Program for Individual and Household Assistance has fully expended all funds and is now closed.

  1. The Salvation Army is offering some funds to households experiencing hardships due to COVID-19. Please see below for information.
  2. Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) is offering a rent relief/utility program that is currently available. Click here for more information and here to check your eligibility and apply for the program.

Other Resources for Individuals and Households

Do you have credit card bills that you are struggling to pay as a result of COVID-19?
          – Click here to see some resources for credit card holders.

Are you wondering if you qualify for temporary unemployment?
          – Click to see resources from Alaska Law Help and the State of Alaska for more information.
          – If you are having trouble accessing resources from state agencies, you can contact Logan Basner
          ( in Representative Tiffany Zulkosky’s office. 

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