Youth Services in a Classroom Near You!

Eileen teaches a Kindergarten class about safe touches.

As the school year approaches, the Tundra Women’s Coalition (TWC) is again offering its services to schools throughout the delta.  These include Talking About Touching, a personal safety/child sexual abuse prevention curriculum for younger children, Steps to Respect, an anti-bullying program for upper elementary and middle-school children, and presentations on non-violence and healthy relationships for high school students.             
The overall goal of Talking About Touching is to help young people recognize and identify the differences between safe and unsafe touch and to teach them the basic safety rules about touching.  It encourages open communication with one’s family and emphasizes family safety rules.   Children are taught many different kinds of safety rules to protect themselves.  Personal body safety is just one more lesson to teach along with fire safety, snow machine safety, and bike safety.  While our village presentations are condensed due to time constraints, this is still quite an effective curriculum and it will help children learn to protect themselves and prevent sexual abuse.


The Steps to Respect Program is designed by the same company as Talking About Touching, and focuses on bullying prevention through education and assertiveness.  This program allows children to recognize and address the phenomenon of bullying that occurs in schools and affects many children.  Children will learn to work with each other and with school officials to take steps needed to prevent bullying and use good conflict resolution skills when bullying does occur.

 Additionally, the Youth Services Program can provide a healthy relationship presentation for junior high and high school students. The goal of the healthy relationship presentation is to provide information on preventing interpersonal violence  and sexual assault between intimate teen couples as well as among peers. The presentation will be facilitated by TWC’s teen advocate and at least one peer leader from the Teens Acting Against Violence (T.A.A.V).  youth program. 

 If you have any questions about these or other services that TWC offers to delta schools, or wish to schedule a time for TWC to visit and work with your schools and communities, please contact me at 543-3444 or  In the 2011-2012 school year TWC visited eight schools in the Yukon-Kuskokwim area including Napaskiak, Atmauthluak, Kaskigluk, Mountain Village, Chevak, Nightmute, Alakanuk, and Kotlik. 

Eileen Arnold

Youth Service Coordinator

Tundra Women’s Coalition


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