“This is like a family day!”

Last week, TWC hosted a retreat for shelter residents and staff together, called Qinuitnakun Pillgutekluta (Togetherness Through Peace).

The day began with an Elder-led prayer & breakfast with the shelter families and TWC staff. Several residents commented on how nice it was to eat together.

Elders provided teachings & stories for two hours. This was followed with a snack of traditional Native foods shared with families, the Elders and some TWC staff. The Elders commented, “This was nice and the way it should be.”

While shelter residents and staff listened to the teachings of the Elders, a large group of children were provided guided activities. Children were heard talking, “Something fun is happening!”

The families prepared to go on a boat ride and look for berries. An Elder accompanied the families on the boat.

The Elder opened dinner with a prayer and families and staff ate together. Staff were able to help with children and infants so mothers could eat and talk with the Elder and other adults. A resident said, “This is like a family day!”

The evening ended with a drumming circle. TWC provided childcare for children too young to participate in the drumming circle. The Elder left saying it was, “A good fun day. I’m glad I was invited.”

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