TAAV Gets Its Moose

TAAV on their Moose Hunt

Back in Bethel with the moose

TAAVers Felix and Kenneth Bigjohn, TWC staff members, Matilda Bee, CJ Pleasant, Misti Nelson, Fr. Ishmael Andrew, and Jackie Larson caught a moose not far from Napaskiak on Friday, September 13. TAAV was able to hunt this fall year using a cultural education permit from the Department of Fish and Game.  The group spotted a large moose around 11 am before it disappeared into the woods. Jackie made a moose call, and two different moose appeared out of the brush. Jackie shot one of them, and the group brought the moose back to the TWC.

Many thanks to everyone who helped carry, clean, and process the meat. The majority of the meat will be used by women and children in the shelter, but TAAV will also host a small feast for TAAVers and their families.

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