Children’s program and TAAV visit Nunapitchuk

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On May 6th, the Children’s Program and TAAV traveled to Nunapitchuk at the request  of the school.   Nunapitchuck’s airstrip is located across the Johnson from the village, so the TWC staff got treated to two hair-raising sled rides across a rapidly melting river!!  That didn’t stop the staff from getting to the school and teaching the kids, though.

The Children’s Advocate, Diane Typpo, taught the Kindergartners, first graders, second graders, and third graders about how to recognize safe and unsafe touches, and how to say no if someone broke the touching rule.  The other Children’s Advocate, Eileen Arnold taught the fourth and fifth graders how to recognize, and say no to bullying.  The junior high and high school got healthy relationship presentations from TAAV coordinator Abby Smith, and TAAV member Yvonne Aloralrea.

The kids were really engaged in the presentations and asked lots of questions.  They helped make the presentations great!

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