An evening of art and story-telling…

paper dress workshop 022.jpg

In early April, the TWC community gathered together with artist, Patricia Bulitt, to honor those female relatives who have made an impression upon our lives. By using paper dresses as a blank canvas, staff and clients remembered their aunts, grandmothers and sisters through pictures and images. At the end of the evening, we all sat in a talking circle to share our dresses and memories with eachother.

paper dress workshop 007.jpg

Chim, one of TAAV’s active¬† members said her dress was made in membrance of her grandmother, Lena. Chim was named after her grandmother and remembers making her grandmother laugh. Chim painted her dress pink because her grandmother was always buying pink clothes and shoes for Chim.

paper dress workshop 009.jpgpaper dress workshop 008.jpg

TAAV member, Lena made a dress in memory of her grandfather, William. The colors and hand prints on Lena’s dress remind her of berry-picking with her grandfather as well his leadership of the Eskimo Drummers in Newtok.

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