Mar 262015

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Mar 262015

Quyana to everyone who came out today for our Choose Respect Walk! It was a huge success!

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Feb 032015

You can make a difference when you Pick.Click.Give.

Check out this video and learn how your donations to Tundra Women’s Coalition can help.

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Happy Slaaviq!

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Jan 082015

Happy Slaaviq to our Russian Orthodox friends! From, Tundra Women’s Coalition

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Oct 102014


ACTlogo2012colorQuyana to the Alaska Children’s Trust for awarding the Tundra Women’s Coalition with a primary prevention grant!  TWC will use these funds to strengthen family bonds.  The Alaska Children’s Trust (ACT) was established in 1988 with the goal of preventing child abuse and neglect throughout the state.  It’s mission is to  improve the status of children in Alaska by generating funds and committing resources to eliminate child abuse and neglect.

TWC will use these funds to further connect services between parents and children.  There will be more events for youth and parents in the children’s and TAAV programs, and weekly family activities for parents and children in the shelter.

Running these activities will be TWC’s Elder, Mary Beaver, Children’s Advocate Maya Morris, and Clinician Shelly Andrews.

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Aug 282014

indexAlaskans who filed for their 2014 dividend still have till August 31 to add TWC to their donation list or increase their donation.  This year’s PFD is expected to be twice as large as last year’s — approximately $1,800!  So if you can, please support us at TWC and Pick.Click.Give!