TWC Executive Director Opening

After 15 years in service to Tundra Women’s Coalition, Michelle Dewitt is leaving the position of Executive Director. She will be serving as Executive Director of the Bethel Community Service Foundation (BCSF). Below is the Job Description for this very important position. The Executive Director oversees day-to-day operations including fiscal and personnel management, planning, compliance and fund raising while ensuring TWCs programs and initiatives are culturally-based and holistic.

The Executive Director will be supported by a deputy director- a position recently added to TWC.

The position will remain open until qualified candidate is selected. The first round of applications and resumes were reviewed on June 14, 2013 and it was decided to extend the deadline until July 19, 2013 at 5pm AKST.


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Job Title: Executive Director                          Reports to: Tundra Women’s Coalition Board of Directors

FLSA Status: Contracted, Full-time; exempt     Location: Bethel, Alaska; services throughout Y-K Region


Position Summary:   The Executive Director serves as the leader of TWC, a critical 24-hour organization that addresses domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse by providing emergency shelter, a children’s  advocacy  center,  transitional  housing,  prevention  efforts,  youth  services,  legal  advocacy, outreach, a thrift store and other essential services.  The Executive Director oversees the daily operations of the organization in a manner that supports the core mission of TWC.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited   to:   fiscal   planning   and   management,  fundraising   and   resource   development,  personnel management, and providing the general direction of TWCs daily operations.  The ED works with the Board, staff and stakeholders to develop a sustaining and thriving organization. Successfully complete other duties as assigned.


Tundra Women’s Coalition has introduced a deputy director position with a focus on supporting the Executive Director in management tasks.

Duties & Responsibilities: Many aspects of the Executive Director position are delegated, although final responsibility for development and continuity rests with the Executive Director.



  • Participate  with  the  Board  in  the  strategic  planning  of  the  organization  in  response  to developing needs of program participants and/or the community or region.
  • Maintain regular communication with Chairperson and other officers; ensure all items requiring

Board approval are presented in a timely manner.

  • Evaluate the effect of external forces and trends on the organization, recommends long-range plans that support the mission, philosophy and general objectives of TWC.  Inform the Board of current trends,  issues, problems, and activities in the organization to facilitate good decision and policy making.  Prepare written, monthly reports to the Board and committees that include both fiscal and programmatic aspects of the program’s operation.
  • Serve as liaison between TWC staff and the Board; receive and delegate, as necessary and appropriate, all duties further prescribed by the Board.



  • Ensure sound fiscal operations of the organization including timely, accurate and comprehensive development and implementation of annual budget; prepare budgets and budget modifications for each fiscal year and grant cycle to meet and reflect program needs and priorities.
  • Secure funding from various sources including, but not limited to:  grants, Pick.Click.Give., Combined Federal Campaign, the state SHARE campaign, and individual, private and corporate donors in order to  ensure duration and longevity of the organization; oversee preparation of grant applications after Board approval for application and provide oversight to proper reporting and tracking of all grant expenditures and outcomes.
  • Increase earned income through initiatives including, but not limited to utilizing TWC properties, and developing the thrift store as an economic empowerment tool for victims/survivors.
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal,  IRS and  funding source requirements  including appropriate record keeping and reporting rules; work with an auditor for the annual state/federal financial audit and submit completed audit to state and federal agencies.



  • Manage  performance  of  the  staff  as  direct  and  indirect  reports;  responsible  for  hiring, terminating, developing, training and evaluation of staff for the purpose of appropriate and effective  service  delivery;  ensure  the  attainment  of  organizational  objectives  through  the selection, development, motivation, and evaluation of performance.
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing employment practices and with policies and practices established by the Board.
  • Oversee administrative elements of Human Resources including, but not limited to proper recordkeeping, maintaining current job descriptions and organizational charts, administering employee benefits such as retirement and health insurance.
  • Support and maintain a work environment that encourages appropriate and respectful behavior, equality, and diversity.



  • Maintain a collaborative relationship with key partners including, but not limited to: other nonprofit entities with similar purposes such as ANDVSA and Alaska Immigration Justice Project; regional and local  community partners such as AVCP, ONC, YKHC, the school districts, and others; working relationships  with relevant federal, state and tribal governmental bodies and elected officials; maintain relationships with and develop relationships with current and potential funders and donors; develop new partnerships and collaborations.
  • Participate in meetings with local and regional organizations and agencies such as Elluatmun, SART, CAC, and local and regional workshops and gatherings as appropriate



  • Provide staff, agency and community trainings, presentations and educational instruction, and continue to develop holistic approaches to prevention such as outdoor, culturally-based activities and positive messaging
  • Conduct periodic needs assessments of to determine the needs of Yukon-Kuskokwim region residents and ensure culturally-based and appropriate programs reflect Alaska Native cultural values such as non-violence, cooperation, sharing, and respect for family and elders.
  • Incorporate program participant/survivor input into all efforts including in hiring decisions to program development to service implementation; continue to utilize peer education in models.
  • Promote and maintain public relations to increase visibility and a positive image, and oversee internal and external communications including but not limited to newsletters, social media, promotional materials, TWC website, and communication with members, volunteers and donors.



  • Supervise TWCs staff in planning, implementing and evaluating program for the day-to-day operations subject to the policies and procedures; may delegate responsibilities as appropriate.
  • Conduct of the program’s business in accordance with directives of the funding agency, grant award conditions and established policies and procedures.
  • Maintain current direct services.  Ensure culturally-based, holistic approaches are used in service design and delivery; maintain flexibility, creativity and accessibility for all victims through the Yukon-Kuskokwim region who request assistance.
  • Assist staff and participate in programs and provide direct crisis intervention and advocacy services as needed.
  • Ensure confidentiality for victims.
    • Responsible for all TWC facilities and property including, but not limited to: budgeting and securing funds, overseeing maintenance, repairs, security, inspections, fuel deliveries and janitorial duties. Ensure that technology updates follow regular and scheduled upgrades.


  • Must have knowledge of and/or experience with the tribes/systems/organizations in Y-K Delta
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field preferred or equivalent educational and work experience.
  • Yup’ik speaker preferred.
    • Previous leadership experience; excellent analytical, organizational development, finance and budget management, administration and personnel management skills essential.
    • Must have demonstrated behaviors that exhibit nonviolence and substance abuse-free lifestyle.
    • Demonstrated successful experience in grant writing and funds management.
      • Previous experience in effectively maintaining positive interagency relationships, implementing programs, strategies, policies and procedures.
      • Proven track record of approaching individual crisis, systems issues and politically sensitive issues with sound judgment, thoughtfulness and appropriateness.
      • Must be able to pass a criminal background screening.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Know and support values, strategies, mission and objectives of Tundra Women’s Coalition.
    • Strong communications skills, both oral and written including public speaking, with ability to communicate  effectively  cross-culturally  and  with  diverse  populations;  ability  to  facilitate resolutions to problems.
  • Must have the skills to maintain a healthy work environment.
    • Must have in-depth understanding of the root causes of, dynamics of and prevention strategies for domestic violence, sexual assault, child sexual abuse and related abuse.


Core Competencies:

  • Personally promote and exemplify the mission, vision and values of TWC.
    • Ability to work in a dynamic environment and to deal effectively with frequent changes in priorities, delays or unexpected events, and identify and resolve problems in a timely manner.
    • Ability to communicate effectively in crisis situations.
    • Ability to be self-motivated, meet deadlines and prioritize work.
      • Ability to work independently, exercise judgment and make quality decisions consistent with the level of the position.
      • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
      • Ability to treat others with respect and consideration regardless of status, position or situation.


Experience:  Competitive applicants will have the attributes listed above. Some management experience is critical.  A successful candidate will have a solid understanding of funds, program and staff development and be able to demonstrate the ability to maintain strong relationships with funders, allies and supporters.

TRAVEL: The Executive Director position requires travel on a periodic basis; travel is usually within the Yukon-Kuskokwim region and the state of Alaska.

NOTE:  Any description of work is a picture of the major responsibilities of a position at a given point in time.  Jobs are dynamic and assignments/priorities may change. The primary purpose of this description is to outline and communicate key tasks and expectations for the position. This description does not imply or create a contractual relationship.  Tundra Women’s Coalition is an at-will employer unless explicitly stated otherwise by TWC’s Board.

Qualified applicants may submit a cover letter, resume and a minimum of three references electronically to:

Printed materials may be dropped off at TWC, Attention: Transition Planning Group or mailed to TWC, Attention: Transition Planning Group, PO Box 2029, Bethel, AK 99559.

The first round of applications will be considered on June 14th. We respectfully request no telephone calls.


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