Bethel Marches to Choose Respect

Members of the Bethel community marched in solidarity with Alaskans across the state on Thursday, March 27 as part of Governor Parnell’s Choose Respect initiative.

The event began at TWC where TWC employees Jamie Heinz and Susan Taylor welcomed the large crowd. TWC elder Mary Beaver spoke about how animals are role models for people in the way that they care for their young.  Rose Dominic offered words of encouragement about how everyone has a part in preventing domestic violence and sexual assault. General Mike Bridges of the Alaska National Guard was Governor Parnell’s representative in Bethel for the occasion. The walk ended with a potluck hosted by KUC.

Local media coverage of the event included:

“Bethel Rallies to Choose Respect” by Daysha Eaton

“Bethel Residents Rally to Stop Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault” by Ben Matheson

TWC employee, Elena Dock, participated in Kipnuk’s Choose Respect Walk.


Double Your Dividend Update

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TWC Appreciates Our Volunteers

This spring, the TWC Thrift Store has managed to stay open thanks of a group of dedicated volunteers.

They have organized, cleaned, and sorted through an overwhelming amount of donations in the last two months as TWC have not had a full-time employee working at the store. Quyana for your support of TWC and your kindness to all of our customers!

Bethel City Council Supports TAAV

Several TAAV members attended yesterday’s Bethel City Council’s meeting. During the opportunity for public comment, they  spoke about their experiences with TAAV and the importance of the annual Outward Bound trip.

Hello my name is Elizabeth Andrew. I’m 17 years old. Outward Bound is a trip downstates where we do stuff outdoors. Last year we went to Oregon and we went whitewater rafting on the Deschutes River. We we did many things like rafting, swimming, and exciting things like jumping off rocks and swimming in fast water. We also got to learn new and different skills. It was a very fun and exciting experience. We want to go this year because it is in a Maine, a very new and different place. We are going to learn how to sail. We are very excited for this trip and have been planning and fundraising for this trip all year long. We need these miles because it is very far away and we need as much support as we can get. Thanks for considering giving to us.

Hi my name is Austin Atcherian. I am 16 and I am in 10th grade. I have been in TAAV for about two years. During Outward Bound I learned about leadership and I want to go back because I want to learn more and more stuff and have fun at the same time. Thanks for considering donating to us.

TAAV member Megan Moses was unable to speak to the Council, but attended the meeting. She wanted to share the following:

Last year I ventured on my first trip out of state and learned that there is more to life than your comfort zone. Sometimes you have to go out of your own circle and find out that there is more to life than your self and there are also more places to learn about and explore. I also learned that you have to work as a team in unison rather than doing your own thing.

After hearing TAAV’s testimony, the Council decided to discuss AM 14-23, TAAV’s request for a donation of twenty thousand Alaska Airlines miles for its upcoming Outward Bound trip to Maine in late May. The Council voted 6-1 to donate air miles to TAAV.

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Looking for Nominations

TWC is looking for the names of elders in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta who have shared their wisdom and taught others in the community through their personal or professional lives.

The Yukegtaaq Committee will choose an individual or individuals who will be recognized at our celebration on April 12 in Bethel.

Nomination forms can be found at AC, Swanson’s, and the Cultural Center. Please submit completed forms to TWC by March 7.

Yukegtaaq Nomination Form

TWC Staff Wears Orange!


On Tuesday, February 11th TWC staff joined TAAV members and Bethel community members in wearing orange to raise awareness about Teen Dating Violence.

TAAV will also host a dance on Friday, February 14th at the Teen Center as a fundraiser for TAAV activities and to raise awareness about Teen Dating Violence.  The Dance will be from 8p.m. to midnight and costs $4 per person or $7 per couple!

TWC Profiled by CNN Today

TWC was featured today in John Sutter’s Change the List series. Sutter’s articles explore the issue of sexual assault in Alaska, particularly in Southwestern Alaska.

TWC’s Executive Director, Denise Tommy, and her grandmother, Elsie Nanugaq Tommy, are featured in this piece, “5 Ways to Help End Rape in Alaska.”

Sutter alludes to TWC’s strong youth services and prevention efforts in this article, “Alaska Faces its ‘Resident Evil.'”

TWC Community Assessments

TWC’s Children’s Advocacy Center recently conducted two surveys, a Community Needs Assessment and a Community Partners Assessment. We asked shelter residents, tribal members and leaders, health aides, VPO, VPSO, TPO, staff at AVCP, ONC, YKHC, LKSD, and members of the multidisciplinary team such as BPD and AST to participate.

Irniamta Ikayurviat is one of ten children’s advocacy centers across Alaska, and has been serving families from Bethel and the YK Delta since 2001. For more information, read about it here.